Day 23: Hodgepodge

I was hoping the weekend would bring a little bit of rest and relaxation, but restless nights made for weary days and I just felt off all weekend. But the great thing about unschooling is the leaning doesn’t stop just because I slow down. Their curiosity is never ending and their ideas are always flowing.

Sunday  had a little bit of everything.  There was more playdough creations, and random craft ideas at the table.

Day 23: Hodgepodge

Chloe asked what block letters were and I pulled out one of my favorite books from childhood.  I spent many hours practicing different fonts and working on projects using the cool-to-a-10-year-old designs of the classic The Lettering Book. I hope the girls can get just as much use out of it as I did. 

Day 23: Hodgepodge

The afternoon weather was fairly nice for late October and a new pedestrian bridge had opened up a few days prior. The girls are all over anything “grand opening” so they were down with a visit.  It also gave us a chance to pick up items for our 2nd Annual Witches’ Cauldron!

Day 23: Hodgepodge

Day 23: Hodgepodge

Car rides are always full of questions and leaning and the ride to the park wasn’t an exception.  Kai randomly asked what quiz meant and then they spent the next 10 minutes of the ride quizzing each other with math questions and animal identification.    

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Day 22: Cleaning Up

I had big plans for Day 22 including getting lots of cleaning done at home and maybe getting out for a long nature walk on a beautiful fall afternoon. But the motivation was seriously lacking, so it turned out to be a pretty lazy day around home.  I did a lot of mindless internet browsing, Chloe played Minecraft or other games for most of the afternoon and Kaiana was into the playdough several times throughout the day.   

Day 22: Cleaning Up

I still wanted to enjoy a slice of the sunny day so I asked the girls if they wanted to walk to a playground and they were all for it.  We have two schools on our street and when we were driving by a few days ago, we noticed a lot of garbage had been blown up against the school fence and across the fields.  They suggested we pick up some of it (like they enjoyed doing on Earth Day) so we brought a garbage back to use on the way to and from the playground. They were really into it, zig-zaging all over the field to pick up garbage. But when they seen the playground through the trees, they were gone!

Day 22: Cleaning Up

We talked about the three most picked up types of garbage (straws, sandwich bags and pudding / fruit cups and lids) and what people could do to reduce this waste. Chloe also suggested that there should be more garbage cans around the sports fields. 

Day 22: Cleaning Up

Just over a week left but you can find all of my posts here for my 31 Days of Learning Through Unschooling. 

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Day 21: Buying Local and Bowling

I’m a bit late posting Day 21, but it was a busy day and a late night!  The day started off with Chloe waking up a bit congested.  With a birthday party to attend in the evening, I was hoping it would clear up as the day went on.  

Then I found out the hats I ordered from Motherly Love were ready to pick up! The girls were excited for their new hats, the had picked out their own colors and styles and couldn’t wait to try them on.  On the way there, we talked about home businesses and handmade items and why it’s good to shop local. The girls couldn’t stop smiling after they tried them on and of course we had to go play outside to try them out!  

Day 21: Buying Local and Bowling

They loved the hats so much they didn’t want to take them off at home! 

Day 21: Buying Local and Bowling

With an afternoon of rest, a hot shower and essential oils, Chloe got the ok to go to the birthday party! Throughout the day there were many discussions on healthy eating, our bodies and the prevention of spreading germs and viruses. They made their own pizzas at the birthday girl’s house and then we went to the bowling alley for a couple hours of bowling fun! It was a nice evening out with a lot of laughs. 

Day 21: Buying Local and Bowling

Day 21: Buying Local and Bowling

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Day 20: Gym Time and Home For a Rest

We had an early start to the day (well early for the sleep-in, slow-to-start-the-day homeschoolers that we are) and met up with new friends for a drop in gym program.  The kids had lots of fun bouncing on the trampolines, playing with balls and swinging on the ropes! 

Day 20: Gym Time and Home For a Rest

Yesterday Chloe mentioned her throat was feeling a little sore.  She seemed fine when she got up this morning, but by afternoon her voice was very hoarse.  We hit up our local produce store and stocked up on vitamin C rich fruits and had a long discussion on produce and nutrients.

Day 20: Gym Time and Home For a Rest

Back at home, I made my go to tea for colds and flus (post coming soon), to help stop whatever Chloe has in it’s tracks and hopefully prevents it from spreading to the rest of us. I set Chloe up for an afternoon of rest and relaxation and boosted her vitamin C intake with healthy snacks.  Thankfully homeschooling allows us to take as much time as we need when we’re not feeling our best. Hopefully she’s feeling better tomorrow because we have some fun stuff coming up! 

Join us all October as I take part in the Write 31 Days challenge with 31 Days of Learning Through Unschooling.  

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Day 19: A Walk in the Woods

We’ve been busy going here and there the last few days and this morning I had an urge to get outside and breath some crisp air.  We invited friends along that we haven’t seen in a few weeks and went to a ravine close by.  With four girls between 2 and 7, their curiosity and sense of adventure was limitless. They pushed through bushes and trees, climbed fallen logs, rolled around in the snow and came home with rosy cheeks and needing lunch!

Day 19: A Walk in the Woods

The afternoon brought a good session of quiet time after the fresh air and after that I was ready to tackle major organizing I’ve been wanting to do all week.  I was relocating a doll house and barbies from Kai’s room to the playroom and moving a bookshelf upstairs to her room, decluttering and purging from both areas.  

I came across a book I forgot I had, from an encyclopedia set my parents had when I was growing up.  I remember learning so much from those encyclopedias. I wasn’t homeschooled but I lived in a rural location, so the majority of my free time was spent exploring the woods behind our house, drawing or reading. Before the age of the internet, reading deep into these encyclopedias was the only way I could get a glimpse of the huge world around us.  I’m glad I came across this one today as I’ve been meaning to pick up a poetry book and restart weekly poetry tea times.  

Day 19: A Walk in the Woods

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Day 18: Clay Completion and an Angry List

Day 18 was another day of zooming around for classes, but it was the final session of Chloe’s Clay Animal Modelling class. She has enjoyed her classes over the last 3 weeks and was pretty proud of her penguin on a surf board with long blond hair like her.  

Day 18: Clay Completion and an Angry List

There have been a few angry outbursts this week and even though it’s a common occurrence around here and we’ve talked about how it’s ok to be angry, frequent outbursts this afternoon led to a discussion on what is ok and not ok to do when we’re angry and ways to calm down.  I suggested we write out a list of things we can do when we’re angry that will help us calm down and Chloe was eager to do that.  I helped her spell out words but she worked fairly well with little complaints to make a list of seven items, seven being her favorite number.  

Day 18: Clay Completion and an Angry List

When Kai came down while Chloe was completing her list, she immediately asked for her workbook to “practice her letters” just like Big Sis. 

Day 18: Clay Completion and an Angry List

After Chloe completed her list, she went and bounced on the trampoline and sat for a three minute meditation! We went on to have a very calm and non chaotic supper, until I realized how late it was and that we had to get packed up for swimming! 

Day 18: Clay Completion and an Angry List

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Day 17: Library Lounging

Monday’s are never fun. A notification on my phone woke me up and I realized it was later than usual.  Throw in some morning grumpiness from Kai and I was thinking I was in for a rough day.  But after Chloe woke up, the girls disappeared downstairs to play Barbies for a while, and following that, lunch and quiet time went fairly smoothly.  

Chloe’s trampoline and tumbling class is at suppertime and traffic is always bad, so I tend to head in that direction earlier in the afternoon to beat it.  I wasn’t feeling like a walk today so we checked out a new to us library on the other side of the city.  Visiting new libraries is almost as fun as new to us playgrounds; the one today had a playhouse in the children’s section! Kai introduced herself to a mom and her 2 boys who were already sitting at the table inside the house, and asked politely if she could join them to play with the puzzles that were in front of them.  The girls also spent time playing games on the computer, checked out the large fish tank, and played with toys and puzzles.  

Day 17: Library Lounging

When it was time to leave, we loaded up on story books and reference books, including books on their latest interests in polar bears, pandas, monkeys, lemurs, raccoons and the Eiffel Tower! Kaiana and I got a head start on some of the story books while Chloe was in her class. 

Day 17: Library Lounging

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Day 16: Sunday Funday

We spent Sunday at home after a night of freezing rain and slippery roads, and the kids kept me busy all day long!  Kaiana started off with a quiet morning and then her curiosity and independence kicked into high gear.  She learned basic kitchen skills of buttering her own crackers.  She also brought up her keyboard to have it fixed.  It had been making a loud buzzing sound and I was hoping a change of batteries was all it needed.  Luckily we were correct and Kai was quite proud of herself after she unscrewed, changed the batteries and screwed the cover back on.  

Day 16: Sunday Funday

After she called her sister down, they played songs and belted out tunes for the next half hour.

Day 16: Sunday Funday

Quiet time after lunch was successful, so I thought it was a good time to follow up with a craft.  Two days ago Kai brought me a pair of tights that no longer fit her.  She wanted to toss them out but I seen crafting potential.  I laid out potential supplies and asked what they wanted to make.  They both wanted to make snakes since they seen them recently at the Reptile and Amphibian Show. They worked away on their creatures, and although there were a few bumps along the way, they both completed their snakes and were quite proud of their creations. 

Day 16: Sunday Funday

There were many other learning snippets throughout the day – Kaiana discovering the magnets stuck to the back of the chair, listing her playdough creations from biggest to smallest after she used different size heart cookie cutters, and Chloe starting to recreate our house layout in Minecraft. The learning never stops! 

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Day 15: Full Moon Fever

It’s a full moon this evening, the Hunter’s Moon of October, and a supermoon according to some.  Even though there has been cloud cover over Edmonton the last few days, the effects of the full moon have sure been felt around here.  In the few days leading up to full moons and a day or two after, patience is running a little thinner, attitudes are a little heavier, and volume gets a little louder.  

In the past, I wondered why things would be going so great and then all of a sudden it felt like someone shook a snow globe.  When I finally made the connection to the full moon, I armed myself with ideas to help dispel the not so super moods. I’ve been using essential oils heavily for the last few days and today, after a grumpy / attitude filled afternoon, we went outside to go sledding.  We had to drive around a bit to find a hill with enough snow, and then we had to double back for a bathroom break, but the first run down the hill had smiles on everyone! 

Day 15: Full Moon Fever

We love reading books, answering math questions and doing cool experiments. But in our homeschool, mental health and fitness is just as important as reading and writing. The best way for us to beat the blues and the grumpiness at home is to get outside, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy our surroundings, whether it’s going on a nature walk, enjoying the sights of the mountains or rolling around in the snow!

We’re at the halfway point so join us for the second half of 31 Days of Learning Through Unschooling.


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Day 14: Snow and Science Experiments

The snow started in the morning and came down until suppertime.  We’re saving the playing in the snow for tomorrow and today I just wanted to stay cozy at home.  

The girls are always asking and wanting to do science experiments and one popped up on my news feed today that would be perfect for a snow day.  This experiment from STEAM Powered Family called Melting Magic – Snow Ice Simple Science is super easy and great for younger kids.  They each filled a jar with snow and sat them on the counter beside the jars with water and ice cubes. The girls guessed the ones with snow would have the most water when melted and were surprised to see those jars have the least water at the end.  

Day 14: Snow and Science Experiments

After supper we did another quick and easy experiment with water and ice, Crush With Air from my DK 101 Great Science Experiments.  It demonstrated how hot and cold affect air pressure. 

Day 14: Snow and Science Experiments 

We are almost to the halfway point in our journey.  Follow us for the rest of October as I explore 31 Days of Learning Through Unschooling.  

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