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Not So Super Moods During the Supermoons

2015 will see six supermoons, January, Febuary and March were new moons and August, September, October will be full moons. A supermoon occurs when the moon is orbiting at it’s closest point (or within 90 %) to Earth.*  Our household … Continue reading

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Getting ready for Not Back To School

The summer is nearing an end, and school is about to start up.  For homeschoolers, we have prep work to do, just like the moms and dads out shopping for school supplies and back to school clothes.  But the amount … Continue reading

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Road Tripping With Children 101: How to Keep Your Sanity

Well hello, it’s been a while!  Since my last post, we finished up our first homeschool year. Academically, the year was great!  Chloe was able to explore her interests and learn about new things through many hands on experiences she … Continue reading

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