Get Back to Nature: Griesbach, Edmonton

Growing up in rural Nova Scotia, I was surrounded with nature.  A walk through the woods or fishing adventure in a nearby brook was common place.  Now that I have my own children, I want them to be exposed to the same outdoor beauty that I was, but living in an urban setting makes it hard sometimes.  

Join us as we Get Back To Nature and explore nature trails, scenic lakes and rivers and hidden gems in our city and beyond.  My first location takes us to a close by favorite. 

The Griesbach neighbourhood in North Edmonton is a growing community.  Once a military base, it is now a beautifully designed residential and recreational area, with many military personnel still residing in the area.

On the south side of the community, if you enter off of 137 Ave, you will be met with Patricia Lake to your left and the memorial statue of Major General Griesbach straight ahead.  With a paved path and stroller friendly ramp, it makes for a nice walk around the lake and over the small bridge.

Patricia Lake, Edmonton

Patricia Lake, Edmonton

Major General Griesbach

Major General Griesbach

A bit further north is Central Hill Park, a 24 acre green space with scenic views of the downtown. With a paved path on one side and a dirt path and staircase on the other, it makes for a great outdoor exercise area or a perfect place for your kids to run and blow off steam.  

Downtown Edmonton in the distance

Downtown Edmonton in the distance

A great place for an outdoor workout

A great place for an outdoor workout

There are also large rocks for them to climb over up top and on the lower east side of the hill, and a community garden on the south side. 

Lots to climb

Lots to climb

Griesbach Community Garden

Griesbach Community Garden

If you’re looking to get some fall family photos, the treeline along 97 Street, the east boundary of the community, is a popular spot for photos.  The leaves are currently changing so go before they fall! 


Treeline along 97 Street


Changing leaves, September 2015

For an amazing aerial experience of Griesbach, visit here

Please follow me as we Get Back To Nature in our city and on the road.

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