Monday Menu September 21

Welcome back for Monday Menu – five quick and healthy supper ideas for the busy week ahead. Whether you meal plan weekly or wing it in the grocery store, check out my weekly lists for inspiration and new suppertime ideas.

  1. Pork chops with a pear sauce, green beans and salad – Sounds complicated but can actually be quick and easy with this recipe
  2. Stir fry with rice – Make a hearty vegetable stir fry with onions, peppers, broccoli, bean sprouts, zucchini, or mushrooms, or add a protein like beef, chicken, shrimp, pork or tofu. 
  3. Turkey burger and Greek salad – I love a nice juicy turkey burger!  I like to add herbs and seasoning, bread crumbs and some Parmesan to the ground turkey. 
  4. Salmon with steamed veggies – You can bake salmon quickly in a foil packet, brush with butter and add your favorite herbs or a squeeze of lemon juice. Steamed broccoli, cauliflower or asparagus make a great side.
  5. Appetizer plate – End your week with a night off from cooking.  Make up some plates of everyone’s favorites – pepperoni, ham, cheese, crackers, veggies and fruits, or whatever you have in the fridge.

Follow me for weekly menu ideas. If you have any suggestions for Monday Menu, please comment below.

Photo Credit insatiablemunch
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2 Responses to Monday Menu September 21

  1. Amy says:

    So simple yet really healthy! I’m going to try my hand at homemade turkey burgers this week!


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