Get Back To Nature: Dunluce Forest

Tucked away in Northern Edmonton, is small but secluded Dunluce Forest with dirt paths that intertwine and lead to a greenbelt with a paved walkway. The entrance of the forest is right around 158 Avenue and 121 Street. 


Entrance to Dunluce Forest

Go off the main path and get a closer look at the trees, moss, and creatures that call it home.  While we were there, the crows were making quite a fuss about us walking through their area.

Taking a closer look

Taking a closer look

Bring a picnic and check out all the paths in the area or take a quick walk around and then stop by one of the local playgrounds (Dunluce Community League, Castledowns, and Oxford Parks are some of our favorite).  View the community here


Peaceful path

Are there any hidden gems in your community?

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2 Responses to Get Back To Nature: Dunluce Forest

  1. Rebecca Moge says:

    Hi Amber,
    Thanks for this. I never knew this was here. We will check it out soon.


  2. CoffeeLander says:

    Excellent photos! Brilliantly clicked.


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