Day 9: Sunrise and Sunset

Day 9 was a long rough day.  More on my to do list than originally scheduled, emotions running high and things just not going according to plan.  I had wanted to get out on a cool afternoon adventure, but that idea was derailed.  

As I was leaving the grocery store with Kai after her music class, I was wondering what I would write about for Day 9.  There were no playground trips, no long walks, just an off day that was almost over.  But as we watched the sunset as I loaded groceries in, I remembered how the day started.

Kai usually wakes up during the night and climbs into our bed, but for the last couple nights, she has been going to bed a little later and sleeping through the night, but that also means she wakes up earlier.  She joined me downstairs when it was still dark out, and as the first bit of light started to shine on the buildings, I realized she has never watched the sunrise.  

We got on our shoes and went outside to check on the sun.  With a green space across the street, it made for a clear path to watch the sunrise.  It hadn’t come up over the trees yet, so we came back inside for a few minutes.  The second time we went out it was a brilliant orange and was just come up over the trees. “Wow, that’s so amazing!” said Kai with a wide smile on her face.  I didn’t get a chance to take a photo because at that time, I had other plans for the day.

But I did capture the beautiful sky after we arrived home from groceries.  Chloe had notice the sunset as well and came out to take some pictures on her tablet. 

Day 9

Even when the day doesn’t go according to plan, remember to be thankful for the small things, like the beauty of a sunrise and sunset.

Follow along on our 31 day journey as we Get Outside and Explore!

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