Time to Take to the Skies: A New Low Fare Airline & Year Round WestJet Flights to Europe

If you’re in Canada some air travel news broke today that’s to the traveler’s advantage.  A new low-fair airline launched today, offering flights from seven smaller Canadian cities.  NewLeaf offer flights from Abbotsford, Halifax, Kelowna, Hamilton, Saskatoon, Regina, and Winnipeg, and has flights as low as $89 one way and max out at $149 one way for a regular ticket.  There are fees for baggage and on in-flight food, but they are hoping to add US sun destinations by the end of the year. For all the details check out NewLeaf’s website

In other travel news, my favorite Canadian airline, WestJet, announced today that it will now offer year round non-stop flights from Calgary and Toronto to London, UK, in addition to their seasonal service from Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg and St. John’s to London.  Flights are a reasonable $248-$349 and  you can fly in comfort and enjoy the friendly staff of WestJet while on your way to your European vacation.  Visit WestJet’s media release for more information.

What are your travel plans for 2016?

Feature Photo credit: Lord of the Wings


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