Day 2: Art and Politics

Alberta Culture Days was celebrated across the province this past weekend and as part of the events, the Art Gallery of Alberta had free admission and family friendly activities on the go.  We haven’t been down for a visit in a while and it was shaping up to be a beautiful fall day, so we decided on taking a trip downtown to check out the gallery and possibly the Legislature grounds. It has become a ritual that we take the train for outings downtown, so we hopped a ride and talked about transportation, city buildings and construction on our travels. While waiting for the train, Chloe kept an eye on the clock and read out the time to me several times, while calculating how much time we had waited.  

The girls are not too into interpreting paintings yet, but they loved the Touch Lab and spent most of their time in there.  There was also crafting activities set up on each floor and they had a chance to make a mobile and mixed media sculptures.  

Day 2: Art and Politics

Day 2: Art and Politics

We hopped the train again and went to the Legislature Grounds for a walk on a sunny fall day.  We had a discussion on current politics in Alberta and who works at the Legislature, the girls did a few cart wheels and somersaults on the lawn and then jumped through the empty fountains. After four hours of downtown exploration, we took the train back to our car. On the way back to our station, Chloe read the rail map at each stop to see what station was coming next. 

Day 2: Art and Politics

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  1. twainausten says:

    Lovely! We had our wedding photos at the Leg. Small world;)


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