Day 4: Crystals and Clay

If there’s one thing I hope homeschooling and unschooling teaches the girls, it’s to never stop learning.  I still enjoy learning new things and discovering new topics that interest me.  I might even have more fun than the kids on field trips because I’m experiencing things in a more hands on way than when I was a child and I’m learning right along with them.  

I studied geology in university and my interest in minerals and rocks dates back to my early childhood and collecting rocks and fossils on the beach. Recently, my interests have shifted to crystals and their healing powers.  While I don’t know the validity of this topic, I find it fascinating and want to learn more.  I was excited today when my recent book order came in.  Chloe has also shown an interest in crystals and she sat on the couch flipping through one of my new books.  “Opal, jasper, diamond, emerald,” she called out as she recognized different minerals. “Look, it’s lapis lazuli!” My geology loving heart skipped a beat. Thank you Minecraft for allowing my 7 yr old to recognize and correctly pronounce lapis lazuli! My book order also included a few children’s classics and I can’t wait to curl up on the couch with the girls on a cold day and introduce them to some of my childhood favorites. 

Day 4: Crystals and Clay

At the end of September, Chloe and I were discussing art workshops that she might want to take part in.  We were signing her up for a mixed media art class and she also said she would be interested in a clay or sculpting class.  A few days later one popped up in my social media feed so I signed her up.  She went to the first of three classes on making clay animals today and really enjoyed it.  Kaiana and I hung out exploring a cool bridge, some lovely fall scenery and a playground.  

Day 4: Crystals and Clay

Day 4: Crystals and Clay

Day 4: Crystals and Clay

We were able to take the newly opened highway to class and back so we had discussions on road construction and land surveying (the industry I work in) during our travels.  They are always full of questions in the car! 

Follow along on our 31 Days of Learning Through Unschooling journey. There is so much to learn from the world around us! 

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