Day 12: Science and Sunsets

Being in our third year of homeschooling, I see daytime programs and classes geared to the homeschooling community on the rise.  More art classes, gym and sports programs and science centres classes during the day are being offered each year, and not only does this open up valuable hands on learning opportunities for the children, it also brings the families and community closer as you see them at frequent activities.  

This school year, the John Janzen Nature Centre has four homeschooling science and nature classes offered and we attended the first one, Explore the Seasons, this morning. Chloe was excited to see another family we know when we arrived and while she was in her class with her fiend, Kaiana and I explored the nature centre and indoor play area with the other mom and her daughter. Of course, Chloe wanted to come in for some playtime after her class.  

Day 12: Science and Sunsets

On the way home, I picked up two geography books I acquired through our local homeschool garage sale group and the girls browsed them and asked questions as we drove.  We had a discussion about tides and related it back to our visit to Hopewell Rocks last summer. 

Day 12: Science and Sunsets

The girls had extra energy this evening, and since it’s going to get cooler and snow the next few days, we went out for a sunset playground visit.  We talked about the moon that was peeking out from behind the clouds because Chloe noticed the full moon symbol on her calendar coming up this week.  We also had a health lesson on the dangers of warm tongue on cold playground equipment, a lesson that will repeated frequently for my oral sensory seeking kids! 

Day 12: Science and Sunsets

Join me all of October for 31 Days of Learning Through Unschooling

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