Day 16: Sunday Funday

We spent Sunday at home after a night of freezing rain and slippery roads, and the kids kept me busy all day long!  Kaiana started off with a quiet morning and then her curiosity and independence kicked into high gear.  She learned basic kitchen skills of buttering her own crackers.  She also brought up her keyboard to have it fixed.  It had been making a loud buzzing sound and I was hoping a change of batteries was all it needed.  Luckily we were correct and Kai was quite proud of herself after she unscrewed, changed the batteries and screwed the cover back on.  

Day 16: Sunday Funday

After she called her sister down, they played songs and belted out tunes for the next half hour.

Day 16: Sunday Funday

Quiet time after lunch was successful, so I thought it was a good time to follow up with a craft.  Two days ago Kai brought me a pair of tights that no longer fit her.  She wanted to toss them out but I seen crafting potential.  I laid out potential supplies and asked what they wanted to make.  They both wanted to make snakes since they seen them recently at the Reptile and Amphibian Show. They worked away on their creatures, and although there were a few bumps along the way, they both completed their snakes and were quite proud of their creations. 

Day 16: Sunday Funday

There were many other learning snippets throughout the day – Kaiana discovering the magnets stuck to the back of the chair, listing her playdough creations from biggest to smallest after she used different size heart cookie cutters, and Chloe starting to recreate our house layout in Minecraft. The learning never stops! 

Follow along as we start the second half of the month and our 31 Days of Learning Through Unschooling as part of the Write 31 Days Challenge

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