Day 22: Cleaning Up

I had big plans for Day 22 including getting lots of cleaning done at home and maybe getting out for a long nature walk on a beautiful fall afternoon. But the motivation was seriously lacking, so it turned out to be a pretty lazy day around home.  I did a lot of mindless internet browsing, Chloe played Minecraft or other games for most of the afternoon and Kaiana was into the playdough several times throughout the day.   

Day 22: Cleaning Up

I still wanted to enjoy a slice of the sunny day so I asked the girls if they wanted to walk to a playground and they were all for it.  We have two schools on our street and when we were driving by a few days ago, we noticed a lot of garbage had been blown up against the school fence and across the fields.  They suggested we pick up some of it (like they enjoyed doing on Earth Day) so we brought a garbage back to use on the way to and from the playground. They were really into it, zig-zaging all over the field to pick up garbage. But when they seen the playground through the trees, they were gone!

Day 22: Cleaning Up

We talked about the three most picked up types of garbage (straws, sandwich bags and pudding / fruit cups and lids) and what people could do to reduce this waste. Chloe also suggested that there should be more garbage cans around the sports fields. 

Day 22: Cleaning Up

Just over a week left but you can find all of my posts here for my 31 Days of Learning Through Unschooling. 

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