Day 23: Hodgepodge

I was hoping the weekend would bring a little bit of rest and relaxation, but restless nights made for weary days and I just felt off all weekend. But the great thing about unschooling is the leaning doesn’t stop just because I slow down. Their curiosity is never ending and their ideas are always flowing.

Sunday  had a little bit of everything.  There was more playdough creations, and random craft ideas at the table.

Day 23: Hodgepodge

Chloe asked what block letters were and I pulled out one of my favorite books from childhood.  I spent many hours practicing different fonts and working on projects using the cool-to-a-10-year-old designs of the classic The Lettering Book. I hope the girls can get just as much use out of it as I did. 

Day 23: Hodgepodge

The afternoon weather was fairly nice for late October and a new pedestrian bridge had opened up a few days prior. The girls are all over anything “grand opening” so they were down with a visit.  It also gave us a chance to pick up items for our 2nd Annual Witches’ Cauldron!

Day 23: Hodgepodge

Day 23: Hodgepodge

Car rides are always full of questions and leaning and the ride to the park wasn’t an exception.  Kai randomly asked what quiz meant and then they spent the next 10 minutes of the ride quizzing each other with math questions and animal identification.    

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