Day 27: Prepping Pumpkins

The weirdness of the week continues.  I  don’t know if it’s the weather, or the early darkness creeping in, but we all seem to be a bit off this week.  

The girls continue to pretend play lots throughout the day and Chloe has been busy building new things in Minecraft this week.  We still have a few Halloween crafts planned for the next few days but Day 27 was the perfect day for pumpkin carving.  Before we got to carving, we took a few minutes to measure and compare the pumpkins.

Day 27: Prepping Pumpkins

Kaiana is a sensory seeker and loves to get messy.  She frequently comes to me me covered in marker, loves getting dirty outside and every painting experience usually turns into finger painting.  But when it comes to pumpkins, she’s not a fan of the goop inside.  I scooped it off the walls of the pumpkin for her and gave her a set of tongs to pull it out. Chloe on the other hand, who needs to wash up after playing in a little bit of sand, was elbow deep scooping and flinging pumpkin innards. 

Day 27: Prepping Pumpkins

They both had ideas for what they wanted their pumpkins to look like.  Chloe choose a cat (like she does every year), and Kai wanted a spooky face. They both drew it out on paper first and then used a washable marker to draw their idea  on their pumpkin. We worked on the carving part together and they were both so happy with the finished products! 

Day 27: Prepping Pumpkins

Day 27: Prepping Pumpkins

With only a few days left, you can check out my full list of 31 Day of Learning Through  Unschoooling here

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