Get Back to Nature: Cloverdale Beach

There’s a new area in the river valley that’s been getting a lot of buzz lately.  I first found out about it from coffee_and baileys’ Instagram post and decided to check it out for myself this past week.

Get Back to Nature: Cloverdale Beach

Located in the Cloverdale neighbourhood, close to the Muttart Conservatory, is a large sandy area that has developed due to construction further up river. I parked on 98A Ave, adjacent to George F. Hustler Memorial Plaza. From here, I headed east on the trails that run along the river, and once the beach came into view (around the 5-6 minute mark), we made our way down a small bank to the sand.

It’s quite a long stretch of sand, perfect for a picnic with kids or an evening stroll. We made our way through the soft, dry sand to the more western area of the beach. Although extra silty / slimy in some areas by the water (more so the east end), we found a soft, sandy, clear area along the shore and spent the next two hours having fun! 

Get Back to Nature: Cloverdale Beach

The river does have a strong current, and the depth can be unpredictable, so swimming isn’t advised, but we enjoyed the refreshing water as we waded along the edge. The girls had a great time making up mermaid tales, playing with driftwood, and collecting cool rocks and pieces of coal. 

Get Back to Nature: Cloverdale Beach

Get Back to Nature: Cloverdale Beach

While we were there, only a few people had come down to explore the sandy area, although several biked past on the trails. We watched various boaters go by – speed boats that created small waves that the kids loved, canoes, kayaks and even dragon boat teams practicing before the big races. 

As the sun was reaching the downtown and preparing to set, we cleaned up, dried off and packed up to make our way back to the trail. It’s a beautiful spot and we will definitely be back to explore and play.  But due to how it was developed, it might not last once construction is completed! 

Get Back to Nature: Cloverdale Beach

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