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Day 4: Music

Even though I have zero musical ability, music is a huge part of our life and homeschool. We listen to the radio daily in the car, with the kids belting out their favorite modern hits. As I write this, my … Continue reading

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Write 31 Days Challenge 2017: 31 Days of our Favorite Homeschooling Activities

It’s that time of year again, time for the month long writing challenge I’ve been a part of the past two years.  September started off quickly and the fall hasn’t slowed down a bit.  With both girls registered in classes … Continue reading

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Five Reasons to see the Movie Ballerina (Especially if you Homeschool)

Beauty and the Beast has been taking over the box office since it opened. While it does look amazing, and my girls want to see it, I think we might wait till it is available to rent so we can … Continue reading

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Day 12: Science and Sunsets

Being in our third year of homeschooling, I see daytime programs and classes geared to the homeschooling community on the rise.  More art classes, gym and sports programs and science centres classes during the day are being offered each year, … Continue reading

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Day 11: Here and There

Day 11 had a little bit of everything and had me travelling around the city for classes.  I left the flags of the world puzzle out and they would ask about random flags when they walked by and earlier today, … Continue reading

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Day 3: Princess Chores, Calendars and Fall Walks

Little Sis wakes up before Big Sis and by the time she gets up, Little Sis is dying to play with her. Since we had a busy afternoon / evening planned, Big Sis agreed to playtime shortly after waking up … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life: Learning Through Unschooling

If you follow my blog, you already know we homeschool.  But you might of wondered why I never talk about curriculum or share pictures of us doing workbooks. The answer is, we don’t follow curriculum and workbooks are few and … Continue reading

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