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Day 1: Nature Walks

Nature walks are probably in my top 3 of favorite homeschool activities.  They can be whatever you want them to be.  A short trip, a long walk or hike, an excursion with a specific purpose or just a stroll to … Continue reading

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Day 26: Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

It’s been an odd week.  I had big intentions and a few extra things planned but my motivation has been lacking lately and some activities were postponed due to wet and muddy conditions.  Extra “life” stuff this week like booking … Continue reading

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Day 19: A Walk in the Woods

We’ve been busy going here and there the last few days and this morning I had an urge to get outside and breath some crisp air.  We invited friends along that we haven’t seen in a few weeks and went … Continue reading

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Day 3: Princess Chores, Calendars and Fall Walks

Little Sis wakes up before Big Sis and by the time she gets up, Little Sis is dying to play with her. Since we had a busy afternoon / evening planned, Big Sis agreed to playtime shortly after waking up … Continue reading

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Get Back To Nature: Braeside & Forest Lawn Ravines, St. Albert

We came across the Ravines while on our way to swim class last fall.  A barely noticeable sign and a path down into the woods caught our attention as we drove by, and we made a note to come back … Continue reading

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Get Back To Nature: Dunluce Forest

Tucked away in Northern Edmonton, is small but secluded Dunluce Forest with dirt paths that intertwine and lead to a greenbelt with a paved walkway. The entrance of the forest is right around 158 Avenue and 121 Street.  Go off the main … Continue reading

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