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A New Year, A New Routine

Since I’ve already gotten the jump on goal setting and intentions for this year, I though it was about time to shake up our routine a little too.  As unschoolers, we don’t have set subjects or curriculum we cover each … Continue reading

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Day 26: Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

It’s been an odd week.  I had big intentions and a few extra things planned but my motivation has been lacking lately and some activities were postponed due to wet and muddy conditions.  Extra “life” stuff this week like booking … Continue reading

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Day 19: A Walk in the Woods

We’ve been busy going here and there the last few days and this morning I had an urge to get outside and breath some crisp air.  We invited friends along that we haven’t seen in a few weeks and went … Continue reading

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Day 9: Recovery and Reading

The girls spent most of the day playing outside in the snow at their grandparents house and didn’t get home till supper time.  Once back at home, they went their separate ways to their rooms and took some time to … Continue reading

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Day 5: A Scavenger Hunt and Messy Play

Throughout the summer, we had weekly playground meetups with a few homeschool families in our area. We had a chance to see the same families each week and they kids looked forward  to seeing their friends. With the cold weather … Continue reading

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Day 4: Crystals and Clay

If there’s one thing I hope homeschooling and unschooling teaches the girls, it’s to never stop learning.  I still enjoy learning new things and discovering new topics that interest me.  I might even have more fun than the kids on … Continue reading

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Day 2: Art and Politics

Alberta Culture Days was celebrated across the province this past weekend and as part of the events, the Art Gallery of Alberta had free admission and family friendly activities on the go.  We haven’t been down for a visit in … Continue reading

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Day 1: Glitter Pumpkins and New Friends

Day 1 of Learning through Unschooling is on a weekend, but unschoolers know that learning doesn’t stop for weekends or holidays! Glitter pumpkins have become our annual October table decor.  The girls spent last evening painting and decorating them and … Continue reading

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31 Days of Learning Through Unschooling

Last October I had a great time participating in the Write 31 Days challenge, where bloggers were encouraged to write about any topic, every day of October. Last year I did 31 Days to Get Outside and Explore and not … Continue reading

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DIY Slime! A Kid Favorite on a Rainy Day

My girls are kinesthetic learners and especially love squishing things through their fingers!  Kaiana came across this video a few weeks ago and came running to me, excited to show me a cool science experiment she wanted to try.  I though … Continue reading

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